Dana White vlog: Griffin apology caught on video

Cagewriter told you about Forrest Griffin's apology to Anderson Silva just after his win over Tito Ortiz. After getting knockout by Silva back at UFC 101, Griffin sprinted from the cage. On Saturday night, he told Silva he meant no disrespect (7:53 mark). It's more proof of the sportsmanship often exhibited but rarely covered in mixed martial arts. Even Phil Baroni is seen clowning on himself for taking a beating (5:09 mark).

Was that Silva speaking very good english? During a cageside chat, Silva says he weighs 207 pounds. Tiki Ghosn sitting next to him is actually slimming. 

Ortiz and Dana White can say all they want about how their relationship is repaired, just watch (6:55 mark) their postfight encounter with Jenna Jameson present and feel the "love."

Who knew Chuck Liddell was such a big Josh Koscheck fan (5:38 mark)? Or did he have money on the fight? It was a nice score at plus-115. 

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